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    Stela Michael has joined the lab in 2010 as a PhD student and obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology in 2016. She has a BSc in Medical Biochemistry (2009) and an MSc in Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology (2010) from the University of Leicester U.K. Currently, she is working in the lab as a senior postdoc and her research focuses on the role of the HPV oncogenes in cellular reprogramming.


    Stela Michael

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    Marios has completed his PhD in

    Clinical Microbiology in Umeå University, Sweden, with specialization in pathogenic microbes interplay with the

    Immune System. His first PostDoc position was at the lab of ``Systems in Immunology and Microbiology ́, Life Science Centre, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden. Marios has recently joined the lab to investigate the molecular mechanisms between tumorigenesis and stemness.


    Marios Stylianou

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    Vural Yilmaz has joined the lab recently as a postdoctoral fellow. He studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Bradford U.K. (BSc, 2010) and Molecular & Cellular Life Sciences (MSc, 2012) at the Utrecht University, Netherlands. He obtained his PhD in Immuology (2018) from ETH Zürich University in Switzerland.


    Vural Yilmaz

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    Alexia completed her BSc degree in Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds, UK and her MSc degree in Molecular Medicine at St James’s University Hospital, University of Leeds. She performed her PhD degree in Cancer Epigenetics within the Leeds Institute of Medical Research, University of Leeds. She is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Strati Lab and focuses on investigating the importance of stemness in human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.


    Alexia Alexandraki

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    Elena Christofidou obtained her Bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Ioannina in Greece and her MSc degree in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology. In 2009 she joined the lab of Prof. Josephine Adams at the University of Bristol in UK for her PhD. In 2014 she began her first postdoctoral studies at the University of Leicester in UK. She recently joined Strati lab to study the importance of stemness in HPV-related cancers and the role of Oct4 expression in HPV-positive cervical cancer cells.


    Elena Christofidou 

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    Panayiota Marcou has joined the lab in 2016 as a PhD student. She has a BSc in Chemistry (2013) and an MSc in Biochemistry (2015) from the University of Crete in Greece. Currently, she is working on a project where the objective is to identify how papillomaviruses interact with their hosts and vice versa during the early stages of infection.

    PhD Student

    Panayiota Marcou

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    Thefano Panayiotou has joined the lab in 2016 as a PhD student and she is now a PhD candidate. She graduated from the University of Southampton U.K. (2012) and she obtained an MSc in Virology from Imperial College London (2013). Currently, she is studying the interaction of a transcription factor with the HPV viral oncogenes.

    PhD Student

    Theofano Panayiotou

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    Antigoni studied biological sciences at the UCY and got her degree in 2016. Afterwards, she conducted her Master's degree about tumour biology at UCY. She recently joined the lab as a research technician.   

    Lab Technician

    Antigoni Machallekidou

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    Eleftherios Patera is studying Biological sciences in University of Cyprus and has joined the lab in December 2017. His project focuses on the effects of inflamation during wound healing process on the epithelial tissue structure and stemness.

    Undergrad Student

    Lefteris Patera

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    Marios Eftychiou has joined the lab in 2017 as an undergraduate student. He is a 3rd year student of the Biological Sciences of University of Cyprus. Currently, he is working on a project regarding the contribution of Oct4 to drug resistance in cancer cells.

    Undergrad Student

    Marios Eftychiou

University of Cyprus

Department of Biological Sciences 

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