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10.11.2021, Science Information Day for MODTHERAPY Program:

On the occasion of the completion of the MODTHERAPY program, our lab organized on 10/11/2021 a science information day regarding its research project. The MODTHERAPY project was completed in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at McGill University (Canada). The aim of the project was the mathematical modeling of the growth of cancer cells during the administration of chemotherapeutic agents. Such approaches may in the future become additional tools for planning and monitoring cancer treatment. For further details regarding results and methodology please contact the lab PI:

Research in our lab is funded by IDEC and the Structural Funds of the European Union (OPPORTUNITY / 0916 / ERC-StG / 003 INFRASTRUCTURES / 1216/0034, POST-DOC / 0916/0111, INTERNATIONAL / OTHER / 0118/00).


06.12.2019, Our PhD student Theofano Panayiotou has been awarded a scholarship offered by A. G. Leventis Foundation for the academic year 2019-2020!! Congratulations to Theofano! 


07-10-2019, Our Cell Sorter is here!

Our state-of-the-art cell sorter has just arrived to our lab! The S3e Cell sorter is using cutting edge technology to sort highly pure and viable cell populations from any type of tissue and cell culture samples. For further details, please check out the following link:   

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